About Profs Do Pop

Profs Do Pop functions as a link between popular culture fans/fandoms and popular culture scholarship. We are here to highlight and advocate for different perspectives, from both fans and academics alike. We are here to exchange ideas, translate and interpret scholarship for wider audiences, to question, and to complicate these worlds in hopes of a deeper understanding of the roles that popular culture plays in our lives.

Who we are

Fans. Geeks. Nerds. Students. Writers. Scholars. TV-Watchers. Bingers of all things good … and sometimes not-so-good. Gamers. Music lovers. We are fans and scholars trained in observation, critical reflection, and production. As Aca/Fans (academics who are also fans of those things we study) we exist in spaces in which learning, teaching, studying, and critique are all connected.

Alix Watson

project manager producer

Dr. Andrew F.

associate professor

org comm nerd

Dr. Adam W.

associate professor
cultural critic
grad director
beer lover

joan joda

phd student
funko fanatic
fandom scholar
con diehard

Dr. Art Herbig

associate professor
critical rhetorician


What we do

At Profs Do Pop, we bring together our skills of observation, critical reflection, and production in order to examine issues of gender, race, class, sexuality, and their intersections. We are here to engage, reflect, explore, collect, question, and complicate these worlds in hopes of a deeper understanding of the roles that popular culture plays in our lives.

We do this through our online conversations, participation in conventions, video vignettes, publication of our research, and through our relationships with other fans and scholars. We consistently strive to write in a manner accessible to a mass audience in order to allow anyone to follow or join the ongoing conversation.

Transparency and Accessibility

We also, by and large, work in the world of academia – a world in which our work and the work of our peers is often inaccessible: replete with jargon and placed behind onerous paywalls that only those in institutions of higher learning have access to. Through Profs Do Pop, we hope to produce work that is transparent and accessible to everyone, rather than a select few. To us, it only makes sense that popular culture scholarship should be available to fans as well as other scholars. In addition to highlighting existing scholarship, we hope to be the conduit that helps translate and interpret that scholarship for a wide range of audiences.

Wanna Work Together? Reach Out & Say Hello.

Feel free to contact us with any feedback you have! Ask us questions, see how you can contribute ideas, or explore a collaboration with us.